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Annual Retreat to Italy, France, or Spain

House in Italy  

Four houses from 4 - 14 bedrooms

Converted into a B&B during summer months which run July through September of each year.

Guests can enjoy horseback riding, climbing, hiking, truffle seeking 
in the area around the houses. Home cooking classes can easily be 

Cities at the sea worthwhile seeing or eating a delicious fish lunch are 
Fano, Pesaro or Anchona.

Cultureal trips to cities such as Gubbio, Cagli, Urbino, San Marino, 
Urbania, Florence, Cita di Castello are all less than an hour drive away from the houses.

Florence would be a day trip.

Cities at the sea worthwhie seeing or eating a delicoius fish lunch are 
Fano, Pesaro or Anchona.

Guests can fly into Anchona (one hour drive from the houses) via Rome. 
It is a easy small airport and would make the visit very easy.

Another airport one hour from the houses is Rimini  - lots of flights 
from Germany fly there during summer.

The weeks offered to guests were based on the topic the company,  university, or guests want (ie. coaching, yoga, presentation skills, 
conflict communication, loosing a partner or child, divorce, health 
food, balanced mind, etc.) 

There is a team of expert individuals, including myself, whom will be working with your throughout your stay. Choose to stay 1 week or more. There is also childcare and pet care for those that need it.

Future retreat focus will be on time-out weeks - full of Yoga,  mindefulness, accupuncture, massage, Reiki, health food, healthy cooking, one-on-one life coaching, impulse seminars (90 minute 
sessions), - down that path.

This is exclusive and will offer cultural aspects linked to the Italian and European history, lifestyle and savoir vivre if you like - la vita  e bella -

Guests would need to cover their own travel expenses to get to Anchona and then home or perhaps might even want to travel on. Guests will also be asked to bring yoga pillow or blocks if needed, pen and booklet, We will provide paint, clay, etc. to do soul work out in this 
brilliant nature around Apecchio.

Please google yourself around a bit and get a feeling of the region 
through pictures. The people there are wonderful, simple, kind, down 
to earth, realistic and wonderful - full of traditions and legends.  One of the good kept secrets of this planet.

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$1600 per person per week, but this can go up or down depending on the number of guests that book that week, the house we will be staying in, and the country the retreat is being held in that year.

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