Donna Van Wyk

     Donna, an outdoor enthusiast who grew up in South Africa, has been interested in a colorful array of sports and activities throughout her life. From rock climbing, to kayak polo, martial arts and yoga, she’s truly ran the gamut with some interesting experiences. 10 years ago when Donna began her personal yoga practice, she never imagined she would one day become an instructor.  But here she is today sharing her passion for life through her teaching.
    Donna’s classes are centered around a theme with a flow that is guided by the breath. She often introduces new, fun poses to her students. Her classes leave room for organic movement, while at the same time being creatively challenging.  Her training in Sadie Nardini’s Core Strength Vinyasa brings attention to alignment and moving in a way that is less compressive on joints and the spine. However, she offers up modifications for students of all levels and, in this way, encourages students to learn to love and appreciate their bodies and themselves, flying to new altitudes.
    Donna took her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Presently she is continuing this journey through her 500 hour advanced teacher training.

Abigail Stombres

Passionate, knowledgeable yoga teacher who creates a warm and nurturing atmosphere for her students. ​CYT 200 certified​ and insured ensures a safe and effective practice promoting self exploration through practicing yoga philosophy on and off the mat. Heavy emphasis on creating a safe practice by cueing poses from the ground up and encouraging proper alignment with the use of props. Experienced in teaching beginners and advanced students. Trained in body reading and adjustments. Enjoys intertwining reiki into her practices with the permission from the student. Nurturing, healing, creative, and feel good classes! 


Alexandra Kempton

     Alexandra initially came to yoga for the physical benefits, but instead found a lifestyle change. She found inner peace and is passionate about helping others do the same. After enrolling in the YTT program she got in a car accident and broke both of her feet. She wasn’t able to walk for about 6 weeks, and during that time she turned to yoga. Not the physical practice of course, but the stillness and peace of the mind. She overcame the negative views she previously had about her life. She came back to finish the program after recovering, and is now happier than ever. Alexandra has received training at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Yoga Nidra, Prenatal Yoga, Transformational Yoga Coaching, and Yoga for PTSD.

     Alexandra believes that everything you’ll ever need to know is within you, and she’s dedicated to helping you see that.  

Joshua Laureles

     Joshua passionately delivers yogas as a service to his community because it was yoga that ultimately saved his life. “if it wasn’t for nutrition, Yoga, and fitness, I would be a dead man. “ he attributes his survival of a suicide attempt with a .45 to his ability to “think just clearly enough” to set down the weapon. Since then he has set out on a path to help bring people to an awareness and clarity of thought that can prevent suicide attempts. 

     He believes that suicide is the biggest pink elephant in the room right now and he seeks to undermine it by bringing the yogas. “Yogas give us a way of observing our own thought structures and patterning that could lead us into downward emotional spirals.” Addressing these thoughts within ones own mind first puts a huge buffer between letting it go with the breath and winding up in intensive therapy or a mental institution. 

     ”Yogas help bring some sort of sanity and stability to my intense mind chatter”. And he knows first hand, having dealt with an unstable transition out of a combat infantry career in the US Marine Corps. “Not only did the yoga help bring sanity, it helps with the recovery from the physical wear and tear that was placed on my body for years” 

     Now he wishes to share this blessing of yoga with the community. The joy and love that comes along when immersed in this practice washes away the deepest sorrows and allows for us to see life clearly and happily again. These yogas bring a deeper appreciation and love for the world around us.

     Joshua’s Yogas consist of an intuitive and integrated blend of meditative, Postural and alignment based technologies from Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Devotional yoga, and calisthenics. His training includes 200 hours from Spirit of Yoga, a personal training background, and years of experience  in the fitness and health industry. His yogas are designed to bring balance, open-heartedness, acceptance, and peace. Joshua specializes in his ability to adapt and relate with a broad range of personality types, in order to effectively translate and communicate the concepts of yogas through parable and story-telling. 


Dr. April Darley, N.D.

     In 2006, I was injured in a workplace accident that left me with chronic back pain for years. I tried a variety of natural and conventional therapies until I finally found relief with the non-drug therapy Neuro-Emotional Technique (N.E.T.).  Within just a few sessions, the back pain that had plagued me for years was completely gone. It was at that moment that I began to understand the power that trapped stress has on the body.

​     After graduating from medical school, I began training to bring this powerful technique to others and eventually dedicated my entire practice to helping people with anxiety and stress relief. Since Neuro-Emotional Technique (N.E.T.) had such a powerful effect on my life, I am passionate about helping people suffering with anxiety regain confidence, happiness, and the ability to move forward from situations keeping them stuck.

​     After several years of helping others through Neuro-Emotional Technique (N.E.T.), I began combining this revolutionary therapy with proven success strategies to bring about a truly transformational experience for my clients. This combination uncovers subconscious patterns that have caused self-sabotaging behaviors and gives you the opportunity for complete freedom and empowerment.

Kerri Wade

     My name is Kerri Wade and I can help you get rid of stress to heal naturally whether you are undergoing physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issues. I was trained as a Reiki Master in 2004 and earned my Reiki Master Teacher certification in 2017. In 2018 I became a Certified Karuna Reiki® Practitioner which has taken my practice to a whole new level! Karuna Reiki® is said to carry the energy of Mother Mary/Quan Yin and healing can be achieved in a very nurturing and less traumatic fashion. I am also an Amrit trained and certified I Am Yoga Nidra facilitator as well as a Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) Practitioner. I am passionate about Integrative Healing and honoring the Mind-Body-Spirit connection.

     I have spent my life helping others become their best self. I invested 37 years managing and coaching real estate agents, teams, and staff while practicing Reiki, Hypnotherapy, and Life Coaching on the side. While I continue to do a small amount of marketing service in the real estate business, my primary focus is now East Valley Healing, LLC in Chandler Arizona. My hours are flexible, and I love to create a custom healing protocol for my clients based on their needs and wants. I am so passionate about my work and love to share what I do with anyone who cares to listen! My modalities work on all four levels... physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual and are always intuitively guided.