Corporate Yoga

Would you like to bring yoga classes to your place of work in order to help support the health and well-being of your employees? Nicole Anne Yoga is able to bring the calm, peaceful feeling of a yoga studio directly into any corporate office space. No matter what type of office space you have - large or small  - we can bring wonderful, relaxing yoga classes to you! We are fully-insured and provide all our own equipment.

All employees and managers can benefit from yoga. No matter their age, physical condition, or fitness level, everyone in the company can benefit greatly from a relaxing, deep-breathing, mindfulness program in their office. It’s been proven that by learning certain exercises and coping skills, individuals can become better equipped at handling day-to-day challenges. 

Nicole Anne Yoga’s highly-trained, advanced-certified yoga instructors can offer the following types of classes for different interests and fitness levels: 

·  Restorative Yoga

·  Hatha Yoga 

·  Vinyasa Yoga 

·  Chair Yoga

·  Aqua Yoga

All yoga classes can be done before work, after work, or during a lunch hour - whatever time works best for your employees. 


  • Helps Decrease Employee Stress
  • Helps Boosts Employee Morale
  • Helps Increase Employee Focus and Productivity
  • Helps Improve Employee Health and Well-Being 
  • Helps to Reduce Total Number of Employee Sick Days
  • Helps Build Community Among Employees

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