Private Yoga/Small Groups

There’s No Place Like Home…and the In-Home Yoga Experience

·  ALL Nicole Anne Yoga classes can be offered right in the comfort of your own home. 

·  Enjoy the personalized time and attention from your very own yoga instructor. 

·  In-home sessions may be one-on-one with an instructor OR designed to accommodate a small group of friends or family members.  

·  Ideal for anyone who’s homebound or recovering from an illness or surgery and cannot travel to a yoga or fitness studio. 

·  You pick the time that is most convenient for you and we will accommodate. 

We also offer the most relaxing, soothing, and FUN Yoga Parties! You’ve Heard of “Toga Parties?” We offer “Yoga Parties!” 

·  Bachelorette Yoga Parties 

·  Ladies’ Night Out events

·  Children’s Yoga Birthday Parties

·  Sweet 16 Yoga Parties

·  Yoga for Weddings 

Bachelorette // Bachelor // Wedding Party Yoga

Wedding Yoga Packages 

Planning a wedding can be enormously fun, exciting, but very often, stressful! Bringing yoga into your wedding day plans can help create a wonderful feeling of calm, centeredness, and relaxation that all brides should feel before they walk down the aisle. 

Nicole Anne Yoga is here to bring the Zen to you on your wedding day. With heart-opening poses, detoxing twists, and mind-cleansing inversions, your private yoga instructor will help ensure that you will be a happy, healthy bride on your big day. 

We offer: 

·  Bachelorette/Bachelor Party Yoga 

·  Bridal Shower Yoga 

·  Bride and Groom Yoga 

·  Bride-to-be Private Yoga 

·  Wedding Day Bridal Party Yoga 

·  Wedding Day Yoga with Family & Friends 

Wherever you want your wedding yoga session to be - at a private home, hotel, or Airbnb - a Nicole Anne Yoga instructor will bring all the necessary yoga supplies to you. Supplies include: yoga mats, blankets, bolster pillows, and eye masks. We offer Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, and beautiful meditation and sound healing. 


$225 for a 60-minute session 

$250 for a 90-minute session


Ladies' Night Out YoGa Party

Details coming soon! For immediate inquiries, please contact Nicole  Anne Yoga at (847) 840-7277.  

Yoga Birthday Party

Details coming soon! For immediate inquiries, please contact Nicole  Anne Yoga at (847) 840-7277.  


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