Private Yoga

There’s No Place Like Home…and the In-Home Yoga Experience

·  All Nicole Anne Yoga classes can be offered right in the comfort of your own home. 

·  Enjoy the personalized time and attention from your very own yoga instructor. 

·  In-home sessions may be one-on-one with an instructor OR designed to accommodate a small group of friends or family members.  

·  Ideal for anyone who’s homebound or recovering from an illness or surgery and cannot travel to a yoga or fitness studio. 

·  You pick the time that is most convenient for you and we will accommodate. 

Bachelorette // Bachelor // Wedding Party Yoga

Wedding Yoga Packages 

Planning a wedding can be enormously fun, exciting, but very often, stressful! Bringing yoga into your wedding day plans can help create a wonderful feeling of calm, centeredness, and relaxation that all brides should feel before they walk down the aisle. 

Nicole Anne Yoga is here to bring the Zen to you on your wedding day. With heart-opening poses, detoxing twists, and mind-cleansing inversions, your private yoga instructor will help ensure that you will be a happy, healthy bride on your big day. 

We offer: 

·  Bachelorette/Bachelor Party Yoga 

·  Bridal Shower Yoga 

·  Bride and Groom Yoga 

·  Bride-to-be Private Yoga 

·  Wedding Day Bridal Party Yoga 

·  Wedding Day Yoga with Family & Friends

·  Kirtan (Music Meditation)

Wherever you want your wedding yoga session to be - at a private home, hotel, or Airbnb - a Nicole Anne Yoga instructor will bring all the necessary yoga supplies to you. Supplies include: yoga mats, blankets, bolster pillows, and eye masks. We offer Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, and beautiful meditation and sound healing. 


$225* for a 60-minute session 

$250* for a 90-minute session

*Refer to cancellation policy.


The next time you and your friends want to enjoy a relaxing, calming, and fun night in together, invite Nicole Anne Yoga to come into one of your homes to lead a wonderful, relaxing yoga class. You and your girlfriends will have an amazing, memorable time enjoying the all-girl energy of a yoga night in! 

Nicole Anne Yoga can help you create a peaceful atmosphere in your home with candles and music and our instructor will bring all the necessary yoga equipment for you and your friends - yoga mats, blankets, bolster pillows, and eye masks. 

Our instructor will be happy to offer whatever type of yoga experience you and your friends want to have. The class can be strictly relaxing and meditative or it can be a combination of exercise and relaxation. We offer: yin yoga, hatha yoga, vinyasa flow, and meditation. We can even offer a “sound healing” experience as well! 

After the yoga class, you and your friends can then enjoy a refreshing glass of wine, a cup of hot tea, and yummy treats! You provide all the food and beverages, and we provide the yoga and yoga equipment. 


$225* for a 60-minute session

$250* for a 90-minute session

*Refer to cancellation policy. 

Yoga Birthday Party for children

     Hosting a yoga-themed birthday party in your home is a really FUN, super-cool way to host your child’s next birthday party! Children will have a great time learning new yoga poses, partner poses, stretches, playing games, and even doing a little laughter yoga!

     Our special yoga-themed birthday parties are designed for ages 5 and up. 

A Nicole Anne Yoga instructor will come directly to your home and lead an exciting and engaging 60-minute yoga class in any large space in the home - family room, living room, or even on a grassy lawn in the backyard. 

     Our instructor will bring calming, relaxing yoga music and provide a yoga mat for every child. The birthday child will also be made to feel extra-special at the party because he or she will sit next to the instructor and help lead all of the yoga games, activities, and poses.

     Parents can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the calming yoga vibes! 

Party Pricing: $225.00* for a 60-minute yoga class for up to 15 children; $10 each additional child.

*Refer to cancellation policy. 

Paint pouring party

A hands-on experience in the art of letting go! 

What is paint pouring?  It is a way of creating your very own masterpiece based on the colors that you like and select during the experience.  These colors are then mixed with a medium, and then they are poured into a cup creating layers.  This cup is  then placed on the canvas and the paint gently guided to move, covering the canvas.  Then we watch and wait to see what shows up... and what appears is always a surprise! The experience of paint pouring invites you to select your colors, amounts and sequence. The results are never the same and always surprising. Just like life! All supplies included to create 2 8X10 pieces of art!  We guide the process, yet it is your creation, and we clean up the mess! 

1-1.5 hour | $45 per person (4 person minimum). 

**Please note: this offering is location-specific and is not offered at a mobile location at this time. Paint Pouring is offered at a beautiful location at the base of Camelback Mountain. This offering can also be booked as a stand-alone event.**


Cancellation Policy

All parties require 100% deposit when booking. In the event of a cancellation, notice must be given 7 days in advance of event date to receive a full refund. Any and all late cancellations are subject to a penalty equal to 50% of initial deposit.